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Saturday, March 22, 2008

BCI: Bloke Confidence Index

I heard about a guy who has a profile on match.com and it has a space where he specifies the age of his desired soul-mate. Apparently he changes it all the time; sometimes older, sometimes younger. With wild swings.

That number must be some kind of indicator, like the Dow, the price of gas, or the dollar versus the Euro. But wait: those indices only seem to go in one direction. A better comparison would be the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI).

We’ll call this new measure the BCI—Bloke Confidence Index. If the guy’s feeling really desperate, he raises the number, say to 85, allowing essentially any woman with a pulse to match his profile. If on the other hand he looks in the mirror and sees a randy stud-muffin looking back at him he may lower it enough to exclude anything but a recently graduated Tri-Delt. We'll keep an eye on that number and keep you posted.

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