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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wave Hill: Wow!

I almost forgot that I was in Da Bwonx, until a lady informed me that the locals like to sue people for taking pictures of their trees. I [heart]NYC! Note: this is a Wave Hill tree and fair game for photographers. Those small ones in the background may be off limits though...

A little early for an appointment, I found myself and my camera with a spare hour in Ridgewood so my friend Lisa suggested that I check out the trees at Wave Hill. A number of my friends have either had shows there or told me I should apply for one myself so I was eager to have a look.

What a revelation! From the trees to the beautiful houses to the outrageous views of the Hudson, I easily lost track of that hour. I was there when the Center's two key elements were missing--the exhibition halls were closed and the gardens were hibernating--yet it was still a very worthwhile trip. I can only imagine what it must be like in the Springtime, full of art, with live music.

I hope to find out.

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