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Friday, January 2, 2009

How'd we do in 08?

Update to the previous post:
Splinter came through for me at the last minute, providing this lovely little cauldron in which to burn my inhibitions, clearing the path for successful resolutions for 09. I just hope the fact that I breathed a whiff of the smoke doesn't set me back too much!

Since we're being public about our New Year's resolutions (well, most of them), let's take a look at how we did in 08. They seemed a bit ambitious but now I see that I did astonishingly well.

Here we go:

Get a Manhattan gallery that will represent my interests on a national/international level.
Well not yet but I'm still working on it. In fact it's back on the list for 09.

Do more group shows.
Yup. and with very good results: sales, awards, new connections, and interesting experiences. Though not on the list, that's a big goal for 09 as well.

Cure Beevis and Creepers of their respective illnesses/neurosis. Or at least stabilize them.
Well this one was truly astonishing. Creepers went right to death's door and we dragged him back through sheer force of will. Now both cats are healthier than any time since we've had them.

Rock Boston
I feel like it rocked me. Other people told me I did OK though. I plan to do better this year.

Eat a super-healthy diet, including greens every day
That's made a big difference, especially the part about eating greens. Back on the list for 09, along with good sleep.

Resolve my financial woes
Somehow things have gotten much better. I think Cole stepped up big time.

Seize opportunity when it lands in my lap.
I can think of a few opportunities I've missed. This is an ongoing thing...

Find some kind of emotional equilibrium (yeah right!)
I think I've gotten better in this regard. Especially in not trying to fix (or mess up) things that are already working in my life. That's always been a weakness for me.

Always ask people’s names when talking on the telephone

Celebrate, rather than resent, my friends’ and neighbors’ riches.
This one was so big and complex it got its own entry. I think I have gotten better in this regard and a big part of that is to recognize one's own advantages and riches (of which I have many). That's an ongoing pursuit however and a major key to living a happy life.

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