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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The resolutions WILL be publicized

It goes without saying that I want to make my best art (so far) in 2009. Here's a very early sketch for the next project.

Every year, I post my New Year's resolutions publicly so as to keep myself accountable. Normally there's some sort of ritual (such as writing my inhibitions and burning them on the solstice) to give the vows life. As rituals are typically handled by countrymouse and since are stuck in the City this year, there may not be any pagan activities (though we're always game for them if the right opportunity presents itself).

Whether because of those psst rituals, the abundant scrutiny resulting from my very public resolutions, or some kind of mental fortitude I may or may not possess, my past resolutions have generally been pretty successful even though often quite ambitious. The next post will evaluate last year's projects.

Enough blah blah blah. Time for the meat of the post. Don't worry though, I keep a few projects secret--no need to share all of my emotional laundry with the blogosphere.

Get back to kicking ass.
I see now that my recent bout of illness was preceded (perhaps caused) by some serious emotional lethargy. Time to get back to work.

Get a Manhattan gallery with a global reach.
Obviously not the best time for that but in good times and bad ya gotta keep pushing.

Sleep8 hours 4/7 days.
Good sleep is key and the best way to get sleep is to get into bed early--so that will mean bed by 11.

Eat a salad or greens every day.
This resolution from last year worked out quite well so we're bringing it back for a second season.

Pivot problems into opportunities.
Interpret that however you wish.

Make sure city and country mice both get what they need.
Be proactive--don't wait for the wigout before skipping town. So this vow really should be more like "get Countrymouse into the country on the regular so he doesn't get ornery and start ranting about how much he hates the City."

Continue run-run-recovery plan.
Take an active recovery day (swimming or something like that) every three days with two quality runs in between. That means no--or few--"easy" runs. It's unconventional but it seems to work for me.

Improve last year's Boston performance.
Read the gory post-mortem here.

Find a balance between desire to improve my position and a very hearty appreciation for what I have.
I think the latter is the more difficult.

Take-no-prisoners approach to networking.
Approach social networking situations like a ship full of vikings would an unsuspecting village.

Update: I've posted my evaluation of the 08 vows here.

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