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Thursday, December 11, 2008

i'm baaaack!

In an art fair that's really an art market, you'll see few risks. Not surprisingly, many of the most interesting projects were not in the Convention Center big-top or the various side-show tent fairs but rather along the Midway outside. Among the best, Ana Linnemann's Invisible (the spinning palm tree below).
I had a great time in Miami and my next post will tell some of my impresssions. First though, I wanted to let everyone know I got a new phone so I'm reachable again.

My last day in Miami was reserved for the beach. It was perfect: bright, sunny, and in the eighties. And down there, the beach you get when you walk out the door rivals anything I've seen on the East Coast. Just beautiful!

Imagine my sadness when I stepped out of the plane that afternoon at Laguardia and was greeted by 32 degrees--a full fifty degree drop! I came down with a chill that very instant, curled up in the back of my cab and I still haven't quite shaken it.

Why do we put up with this ridiculous weather? Someone really ought to say something...

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