Monticello Road is a community arts project in Charlottesville, Virginia. Through photography and a series of public events and conversations, we explore how an art can be an essential, integral and everyday part of a healthy community.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Going Negative

Equinox Song and Solstice Song.
Oil Pastel on Stained Birch Plywood (24" x 24") 2008.

These two works combine what I like about the chairs and the trees. The material is back to the luscious Sennelier oil pastel, but on shellacked and stained birch plywood. The beauty of the wood itseld is very much in evidence, as are the geometric similarities between the trees and the wood itself. My project was to draw just the negative spaces and let physical shapes emerge from the support, which is quite visually active. I'm quite satisfied with the results.

The solstice piece is on its way to the LaGrange Biennial, while the other is so new that as of this writing, no one has seen it yet.

1 comment:

Brett Weir said...

LOVE the new work! The wood grain on the trees is gorgeous.