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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My newest drawing

Venerablis. Charcoal on painted birch plywood, 48" x 48" 2009

Here's the latest in my series of big tree drawings. It brings together so much that is good about the earlier ones and goes much. much further. In fact, the other day I had one of the earlier ones leaning against the wall along side so I could photograph it and I was almost embarrassed. Well, you want them to each be better than the previous.

I am especially pleased because this is part of the group of six major pieces that are going to William and Mary for their new law library. The drawings are meditations on wisdom, persistence, aspiration, ancientness, awe, and quiet power. I could hardly imagine a better or more appropriate setting than a library. I hope they impart something in today's scholars and tomorrows leaders.

I'm also really grateful to William and Mary for choosing my work in the first place, but for allowing me to include a work that was very much in progress at the time of selection.

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