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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Old vs New

The other night some friends and I were [inevitably] talking about the economy. Someone noted that one of our artstar friends is really hurting, has to sell one of his houses and is being taken to the cleaners. "Suddenly he's back to being the old X." As opposed to the new artstar X. Of course that got me thinking.

I'm kinds getting back into the old Citymouse/Countrymouse guy myself. Suddenly not having any $ is cool and what a refreshing change. It's like waking from a very boring dream and the sun is shining. I'm cooking yummy things (instead of ordering takeout). I'm entertaining (instead of going out). I'm kicking butt in the studio. I decided not to run Boston (in part for lack of funds) and suddenly I'm kicking @$$ on the track.

Part of me likes this new paradigm. It favors the creative, the agile. I was actually better off before the bubble. And oddly more successful. Now the boom's gone and the old ass-kicking me is cool with that.

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