Monticello Road is a community arts project in Charlottesville, Virginia. Through photography and a series of public events and conversations, we explore how an art can be an essential, integral and everyday part of a healthy community.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Monticello Road Audio Tour: Old Belmont Bridge

The Belmont Bridge is the gateway that unites Belmont with downtown Charlottesville. It's the beginning of Monticello Road. In the previous entry in this thread, we heard about Monticello Road's opposite [truncated] end, out past the edge of town. Here we get close to the heart of town and this will be the logical first stop in the cell phone audio tour.

The audio tour will eventually have ten stops (some with multiple narrations).

For now, enjoy this one, in which Preston Coiner, Diane Graves and Rosie Breedin remember the old Belmont Bridge, as it existed when they were kids. It was a gateway for them too. Big thanks to Pete O'Shea for his opening narration.

The Monticello Road Audio Tour is an extension of the Charlottesville Audio Tour in cooperation with Charlottesville Historic Resources and Preservation. Special thanks to Chris Gensic for narrating this clip. Monticello Road is an art/community project in Charlottesville Virginia.

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