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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Track lighting

In an effort to increase the usable foot/hours of parkland in North Brookyln, the Parks Department is installing lights on the McCarren Park track and soccer field. By far the best place to work out in Williamsburg, the track (and the amazing infield) will now become viable options for runners late into the evening.

From a runner's perspective, this is a real boon. That track and the infield are the best option for anyone who wants to get off the often-dangerous roads, but not really available to the timid outside of business hours, especially during these short winter days when it's pitch-black by 5:00.

Perhaps McCarren Park, which is unusual for it's competition-sized 8-lane configuration (most City tracks are 6) will become a destination for after-work team workouts, which would be great.

This development is less good for the -er- developers. Having lived next to a lumberyard that sported 24/7 argon lights that allowed us to read the newspaper at night, I can only imagine what those stadium lights will be like for the glass-walled condos springing up around the park. That goes into the do-your-homework-before buying category.

Also, that's alot of light pollution and a big energy footprint, so those are two more significant downsides. From the standpoint of public health and fitness, however, this is a big step forward.


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